Apply to Speak at WordCamp Minneapolis-St. Paul!

Are you interested in joining our speaker lineup this year?

(Speaker Applications are now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied!)

WordCamp Minneapolis-St. Paul is a locally organized conference that features speaker talent both local to the Twin Cities and around the country. In addition to the typical rules for speaking at a WordCamp, there are a few other things we are looking for:

  • Represent a diverse range of voices from the local and national community, including experienced speakers and new speakers with a passion for their topic.
  • Emphasis on connecting with other creative and tech communities outside the WordPress space, or outside the typical presenters we normally hear at WordCamps.
  • Appeal to an audience with a broad skillset, especially the thriving development, design, and blogging communities here in the Twin Cities
  • Present a variety of topics on WordPress, including Web Development, Design, Technology, Writing, SEO/Marketing, and other fields as they relate to using, building, creating, and improving WordPress sites, themes, plugins, and products

What does that mean for your talk submissions?

  • Topics presented should focus not just on “what to do” or “how to do” something, but why it should be done and the purposes behind it.
  • Special consideration to talks that can promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, applying lessons from one field/area to another, or the importance of learning/education
  • We want to encourage diversity (of opinions, of people and backgrounds, of voice, and of skillsets)

Additional thoughts for potential speakers:

  • Talks do not have to be specifically about WordPress, but must relate to WordPress in some way, whether it’s using WordPress, building/developing/designing for WordPress, enhancing WordPress, or interacting with the WordPress community
  • Calling non-WordPress developers! WordPress has a lot to learn from the broader development community, whether it’s PHP, open source, or other languages and disciplines. We’d love to hear what you’d have to say!
  • Calling designers and visual thinkers! WordPress isn’t just about development. We want to hear about visual design, user inferfaces, user experience, animation, and cross-disciplinary applications of design thinking principles in other fields
  • Calling strategists, writers, bloggers, and content producers! The web wouldn’t exist without content, and we want to hear from you about content creation and strategy
  • Looking for 45 minute talks (including Q&A), and a few lightning talks. We are also open to panels or multi-person talks.

Know someone you’d like to hear speak?

If you know a person who is a great speaker, or maybe a new speaker with tons of knowledge to share, and would like to nominate them to speak, get in touch via our Contact Form and let us know who it is, where they are located, and what it is they speak about, as well as a way for us to get in touch.

Ok, enough introductions… apply now! 

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