Thanks to our Sponsors

WordCamp Minneapolis / St Paul is made possible with the help of our generous sponsors. Their support keeps this volunteer-organized event low-cost and accessible to everyone. 

Thanks to all our sponsors for supporting this WordCamp and the WordPress open source project. WordPress community events strengthen, inspire, and connect the people that build and maintain WordPress.

“Only in the WordCamp community have I seen this idea that people will donate not only time, but money, under the assumption that there will be nothing at the end of the tunnel,” says Tony Perez, Vice President of Product Management, GoDaddy Security Business Unit (The Value of Sponsoring a WordCamp from a Business’ Perspective).

WordCamps differ from commercial conferences by focusing on sharing knowledge and opportunity across a broad and open ecosystem, and our sponsors understand the value of contributing to our efforts without expecting a direct return.

Be sure to visit with our sponsors during WordCamp Minneapolis / St Paul.

They’re here just like you! To share and learn everything we can about WordPress, and to meet, collaborate, and partner with members of the community.

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