Interview with Jessica Gardner

What inspired or motivated you to give this talk at WordCamp?

Michelle Schulp gifted me a hipster Wapuu pin while we were waiting in line at Starbucks at WordCamp Chicago. She mentioned that she was an organizer in Minneapolis, and that WCMPLS was set for later in the summer. My son’s best friend moved to Minneapolis three years ago, and we’ve been wanting to visit. Gears started turning.

Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for those who are thinking about getting involved in the WordPress community?

Jump on in, the water’s fine! Seriously, remember that there are people at all levels of interest and experience, and that every individual has something of value to offer. We all have different perspectives and backgrounds, something to share, and something to gain by showing up.

If you could make one improvement to WordPress today, what would it be?

I seriously cannot think of anything right now and have to submit this form before the deadline 🙂 I’ll get back to you.

Who do you most admire and why?

I’m going to go with my husband. He is a rare mix of geek brains and warm-hearted friendliness. He gives unending emotional and technological support to every endeavor I dream up, and he inspires me to weather scary growing pains and push myself when things get rough.

What’s your favorite quote from a book or movie?

“That is no Orc horn.”

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