Interview with Cory Miller

What inspired or motivated you to give this talk at WordCamp?

My own mental wellness struggles and seeing the need for others to share authentically in order to inspire others to see and get help and eradicate and erase the stigma around mental health

Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for those who are thinking about getting involved in the WordPress community?

Take a step in. Don’t wait. Don’t cower down. Just take one bold step, then another and another. This is one of the most accepting communities I’ve been a part of. I was a nobody who became somebody simply by taking a step into it.

If you could make one improvement to WordPress today, what would it be?

A better, simpler UI dashboard for the WordPress admin

Who do you most admire and why?

My group of business friends in OKC. They inspire me to be a better man, father, husband, leader, entrepreneur in the world.

What’s your favorite quote from a book or movie?

“So you’re saying, ‘I’ve got a chance.’ YEAH!”

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  1. I always greatly appreciate talks/panels about mental health in the tech industry. Based on my own experience, it’s something the majority of people in this industry struggle with but so rarely talk about. Removing the stigma by talking about it publicly in addition to providing helpful tools to deal with it helps in so many ways!

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